the milbar


is your super tasty lunch packed in 3 bars. To make it, we combine meat, rice and vegetables. We put the recipe together with great care, using exclusively natural ingredients and doing without any added sugar or artificial preservatives or additives. Our primary flavor ensures that the taste experience is intense and spicy: Mexican Rice n’ Beef.



Strength training, running or hiking all have one thing in common: If you want to improve your performance and stamina, you have to give your body back what it consumes. That's not always easy in today's world. You are in demand at work. Sometimes, you work through lunch. You don't have any time to pre-cook anything. When you're on the road, you can't find any healthy meals for fast consumption. All that's on offer is junk food and fast food with excessively high fat or carbohydrate content.



THE MILBAR is your lunch for on the go, just grab it and enjoy it with a clear conscience. To make sure you can enjoy your lunch on the road with no worries, we package it in three handy 50g bars. You don't need to cool them or heat them up, just tear open the wrapper and enjoy!




• 30g protein

• over 45g carbs

• over 38g fiber

• 8g unsaturated and polyunsaturated

• over 450 kcal


One thing can be disclosed in advance – THE MILBAR will be a completely new taste experience. You will be inspired when you encounter THE MILBAR! An intensive flavor of tomatoes and peppers will greet you when you open the packaging. Your taste buds will explore the spicy and slightly sweet taste from the very first bite. While you chew, you will taste a combination consisting of an intensely spicy marinade and the balancing taste of the rice flakes. Just when you're thinking, that's it, you hit the pieces of BBQ beef. They lift the taste experience to a new level. And what's left? The unmistakable taste of Mexican on your palate which has your mouth watering and longing for more.  You think that's a bit over the top? Find out for yourself.



We use exclusively natural ingredients and in the process we do without added sugar, artificial additives and preservatives. Around 80g of raw meat from Germany is used to produce the beef portion.


The recipe is made up from the following ingredients:

• dried BBQ meat

• rice flakes

• oatmeal

• green pepper flakes

• bio rapeseed oil

• tomato powder

• onions

• chili powder

• nutmeg

• concentrated onion juice

• concentrated leek juice

• concentrated paprika juice

• soya protein isolate

• soya lecithin

• fructooligosaccharide syrup

• table salt



• Energy                                                         464 kcal

• Protein                                                       30.0 g

• Carbohydrates                                          46.5 g

   - of which sugar (from natural sources)  14.7 g

   - of which polyhydric alcohols                 3.9 g

• Fiber                                                           38.7 g

• Fat                                                                9.8 g

   - of which saturated fatty acids                1.7 g


THE MILBAR bars should be stored at a temperature of between 12°C and 21°C and protected from direct sunlight, large temperature variations, foreign odors and moisture.



Contains gluten, soya and sesame seeds. Traces of hen's egg white, milk (incl. lactose) and nuts cannot be ruled out.



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You can find us on Instagram at @themilbar and on Facebook at The Milbar. Drop by :)



Milos has been playing sport for over 10 years, from strength and conditioning training all the way to CrossFit. He is therefore very aware of the importance of a healthy, balanced diet. For over four years, he traveled a lot in his job as a recruitment consultant. He always tried to pre-cook his lunch and to take it with him in a storage container. However, this took up a lot of preparation time and it was impossible to eat it while driving. THE MILBAR was born of this necessity and created after months of tinkering and testing.


His girl-friend Mindel is also a keen fan of nutrition and passionate about outdoor activities. In particular, she loves to admire the beauty of nature while hiking. She takes on important organizational duties and sets about building a network.



• production of the "Mexican Rice n’ Beef" bars

• orders for packaging material

• implementation of inventory management and dispatch software

• certification


Your support will help us to:


• set up the company

• develop further recipes (2 further flavors, vegan and low carb products, various snacks)

• launch a web shop



We would like to give people pleasure with our tasty and at the same time healthy bars! We are currently working on two further tasty flavors:


• Caribbean Curry Rice n’ Beef

• Fried Rice n’ Beef


We would also like to launch a vegan and a low carb range. Our product range is to be rounded off by various snacks covering the rest of your day. The focus will always be on high quality and natural ingredients!



Sept 15

- recipe developed

- testing sessions carried out

- market study carried out

- business plan produced

- search for and evaluation of suppliers for ingredients

- Oct 15 attendance at the Anuga Food Fair in Cologne

Feb 16

- search for and evaluation of production site

- allocation of ingredients

Apr 16

- production tests start

- recipe refined

- lab tests carried out

May 16

- website goes online

- Facebook and Instagram sites launched

- attendance at FIBO in Cologne

Sept 16

- storage test started

Nov 16

- launch of crowdfunding project



Dec 16

- end of crowdfunding project

- orders for primary and secondary packaging (incl. cutting dies)

- orders for ingredients

Feb 17

- production of bars

Mar 17

-  delivery to our warehouse

-  order picking and dispatch

Apr 17

-  delivery to you




Please note that there might be additional custom charges depending on the country. In addition, each country has its own import regulations, which can delay or partially reside the shipment. If you live in a highly regulated country, please inform yourself about the provisions before ordering. We accept no liability for packages that are stuck at the customs control.

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